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The building is situated in the historic centre of the Tuscan village Capannoli, exactly opposite the Saint Bartholomew Abbey. It was built in the beginning of the 18th century and was originally used as a farm by the Masi family.

Local eclectic architect Luigi Bellincioni re-designed the facade of the building in the 19th century. Bellincioni created his one foundation with the purpose of collecting the necessary funds to develop an artistic
environment in the area and build a statue dedicated to Andrea Da Pontedera. Once the funds were available he had to deal and compromise with the locals who preferred a “ kindergarten” to a statue.

Giovanni Masi - one among the foundation's biggest sponsors - decided to donate the family building to the local nuns in order for them to have a place they could use to educate kids. The agreement mentioned that upon termination of such use the building would have returned to the Gotti-Lega family.

As a result architect Luigi Bellincioni was in the position to show that he had what the locals wanted and therefore was in the position to further his art. The statue of Andrea da Pontedera is still considered a great reference by contemporary Italian artists.

Asilo Masi has hosted guests such as Garibaldi as he was traveling with his troops towards Sicily to fight for the unity of Italy. Giacomo Puccini and Pietro Mascagni used to meet "at the Asilo" to discuss and exchange musical ideas and innovations. Another great guest was Diego Martelli, the leader of a rural artistic movement better known
as "Macchiaioli". In more recent times, modern artists like Andrea Bocelli, who performs a extraordinary concert once day of the year in “Teatro del Silenzio”, near Lajatico and Sharon Stone as well as celebrities from the international scene have chosen Asilo Masi for their holiday in a historical villa in Tuscany.

In 2005 the building was totally renovated and refurbished by Countess Cristina Gotti Lega. She decided to keep the writing "Asilo Masi" above the entrance to remember times in which noble families were helping artists develop their paths of creativity and expression.

Cristina Gotti Lega welcomes her Guests in her home and is fully dedicated to the fine art of hospitality. Guests at Asilo Masi can enjoy the full Tuscan Experience with guided tours of the local landmarks, vineyards, museums and historic villages. Needless to say it is a refreshingly relaxing experience in a home that offers all the modern amenities such
as Wi Fi,
air conditioning and a Jacuzzi garden pool for the warmer months.
Asilo Masi is a step above luxury and a step further into the Italian experience, near Volterra, San Gimignano and Pisa.